Real-time Actuarial salary benchmarking data

The Actuary Salary Data Set provides the best compensation data for companies looking for actuarial salary data. The data covers jobs found in health insurance, life insurance, enterprise risk, property and casualty, saving and retirement, public sector and investment. Customized  reports are downloaded as a straightforward Excel spreadsheet.

Actuary Salary Survey
What is a merit increase?

Data driven decisions start with reliable salary data.

Priced well below the competition, we’ll provides you with the reliable compensation data your business needs to create a strong foundation for your compensation practices.

By using our compensation survey, you’ll be able to see how your compensation strategy stacks up against others in your industry. Participation in our compensation surveys gives you access to the freshest market data year round.

Data confidentiality

The actuarial salary information we collect in our surveys will remain confidential and will not be shared with any third party or used for purposes other than the conduct of the compensation survey and the production of the survey reports.

We treat each organization’s information in the strictest confidence and take our responsibility seriously regarding the security and integrity of the actuarial pay information provided to us. Company-identifiable survey results are not to be released.

Salary Survey Security

How it works

Purchase a license to get access to the 2023 actuary salary survey results and participation materials.

If you choose to participate in the actuary salary survey, provide your firms pay data.

Get access to our survey report system and generate as many compensation reports as you like.

real estate salary survey report

Get ahead of the competition

Everything you need in one survey report layout. Our life sciences salary benchmarking report will allow human resources and compensation professionals to thoroughly analyze job families pay within the life sciences industry. The survey report allows you to slice and dice the compensation data however you see fit. Get detailed information on everything from base salary, bonuses, incentives, and total compensation.

Want to only view pay data for competitors in your same sector? Just set your report filters, and run the report. If you like, upload the results into any HRIS system or compensation and benefits management tool.

Compensation Consultant

Benchmark the right way


Our compensation report is comprehensive and includes base salaries, bonuses, profit sharing, and total cash compensation from national and global organizations. Data is displayed by geography, industry, revenue level and organization size.

Use our data to benchmark your total compensation, merit increases, and long term incentives against others in your industry, and understand how your positions are paid. See for yourself how SalaryCube compares to the others

Why SalaryCube?

The data from similar organizations can help you compare the value of your total compensation package and individual elements for professional, management, executive, board and senior-level roles. Use the acrtuary salary survey to understand where your total remuneration package falls in comparison with others.

With the help of a good salary survey, companies and global organizations can determine the appropriate pay trends for a given professional job, executive level position, senior management, or board position within a given geography, industry, or company size. Additionally, our national salary information benefits compensation professionals looking to price positions in medical, clinical, research jobs, or when setting annual budgets, benefits packages, making competitive hiring decisions. We cover base salary, target bonus, annual total compensation packages, long term incentives, total direct compensation, and base salary adjustments.

Benchmarking Tips

The Best Compensation Data

Our proprietary technology takes a modern approach to  salary benchmarking data by integrating employer salary data, AI validation, and advanced data science techniques to give your business the most competitive job market salaries. 


Unlimited Custom Reports

Our report tool was designed with ease of use in mind. The user-friendly interface allows you to apply the filters you need quickly slice and dice the actuarial salary data.