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Instantly access up-to-date market pay data. The Manufacturing Salary Data Set incorporates all jobs related to the manufacturing industry. Get access today to the freshest set of salary data, helping you make smarter pay decisions for this critical employee sector. Create unlimited custom reports with results downloaded in a straightforward spreadsheet.

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Unlock the power of SalaryCube

The Manufacturing Data Set provides an invaluable resource for companies in the manufacturing industry to get competitive salary data. This survey is designed with streamlined survey participation and multi-industry coverage, allowing businesses to customize their results according to their specific needs.

Data Confidentiality

We treat each company’s data in the strictest confidence and take our responsibility seriously regarding the security and integrity of the data provided to us. Company-identifiable data is not to be released. The information we collect will remain confidential and will not be shared with any third party or used for purposes other than the production of the manufacturing salary data results.

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The Benefits of a Salary Data Sets

The Manufacturing Salary Data Set is used by HR & Compensation professionals to help them establish a fair and competitive salary for the employees within a company. The benefits of a salary survey are numerous.

At SalaryCube, we will be your trusted third-party. We gather employee data from manufacturing companies, scrub the compensation data, and produce results in the statistical form of average pay, median pay, and multiple percentiles of pay. These results can be sliced and diced using our compensation tool to create custom reports based on manufacturing industry type, geography, company peer groups, revenue, headcounts, and more.

How it works

Step 1

Sign up and get access to the Manufacturing Salary Data Set.

Step 2

Optionally, provide your company’s salary data. Our automatic job title matching feature will save you time.

Step 3

Get access to our streamlined cloud reporting system and generate as many custom salary reports as you like.

Why SalaryCube?

Our Manufacturing Salary Data Set will help ensure that your organization remains competitive and is not overpaying or underpaying your employees. Additionally, our Manufacturing salary data is beneficial when it comes to new hires and existing employees.


What you get

The Freshest Salary Data Around

Our data collection process happens year-round, meaning you’re always getting the latest salary data. We adhere to the highest standards concerning salary data collection and reporting.


Salary Benchmarking Tool

Our salary benchmarking tool was designed with ease of use in mind. The user-friendly interface allows you to apply the filters you need quickly and download reports instantly. Hassle-free and always up-to-date. Ask us for a demo at any time.

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Powerful SalaryCube One-Report

Everything you need in one report layout! Our salary benchmarking tool puts powerful reporting at your fingertips. Ready for easy analysis of every job and segment. Easily adheres to all of your filters. Ready to upload into any HRIS system or compensation management tool.