Real Estate Paralegal Job Description and Job Post Template

by | Published on Apr 1, 2022 | Last Updated on May 9, 2023 | Real Estate Salaries

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If you are an employer looking for a real estate paralegal, you may be wondering what the salary range is and searching for a good job post template. In this post, we will discuss the real estate paralegal job description, salary, and job duties. We will also provide a real estate paralegal job posting template to help you formulate your job posting.

What is a Real Estate Paralegal?

A real estate paralegal is a legal professional who assists lawyers in the real estate industry. They may be responsible for reviewing contracts, preparing closing documents, and assisting with other real estate transactions. Real estate paralegals typically have a degree in paralegal studies or a related field, and they must be licensed by the state in which they work.

The Real Estate Paralegal job title and job description overview for employers

The real estate paralegal job description for employers will vary depending on the company and the specific position.

A real estate paralegal is someone who works on real estate matters under the supervision of licensed attorneys in a law-related setting or law office. Real estate paralegals do not practice law, as they are not licensed attorneys, but they help in many aspects of real estate matters, including conducting title searches, preparing initial drafts of deeds of trust and mortgages, and other real estate financing documentation. Real estate paralegals are sometimes called real estate legal assistants. Real estate lawyers rely on real estate paralegals to assist them as much as possible in helping get the work done within the bounds of legal and ethical rules.

Some common duties of a real estate paralegal may include:

  • Reviewing real estate contracts
  • Preparing closing documents
  • Assisting with real estate transactions
  • Researching real estate law
  • Providing support to lawyers

Resources: Some sample Real Estate Paralegal job descriptions:

Real Estate Paralegal

The candidate should have 5+ years of experience working as a Paralegal or Title Closer. They should also be able to prepare closing documents, have experience with real estate transactions, and know-how to prepare final HUDs. They must be able to work under supervision and be a polished professional.

Senior Real Estate Paralegal

Assist the Firm’s Real Estate Group with pre-closing activities. Conduct due diligence reviews, title searches, and survey reviews. Must have a Bachelor’s degree or an Associate’s degree with a paralegal certificate from an ABA-approved program. 6+ years of real estate/finance experience is required.

You should have experience drafting UCC financing statements, Closing Instruction Letters, closing documents and binders, reviewing title policies, and working with title companies on any policy issues. Must be fluent in filing the correct documents with the Secretary of State, Department of Corporations, Internal Revenue Service, and/or Franchise Tax Board.

Real Estate Paralegal

The ideal candidate will have 5 or more years of real estate sales transaction expertise. Must be familiar with and capable of using title and survey documents, as well as the creation of work products regarding them, to negotiate title policies in connection with land acquisition and disposition transactions. Prior law firm experience working on a title and survey review basis is required.

Real Estate Paralegal

The ideal applicant will have a four-year college degree with an ABA Paralegal Certificate. 3 to 5 years of real estate litigation or comparable experience is necessary. Experience and skills in real estate litigation are required. Should possess expertise in both residential and commercial properties. Experience with property titles are ideal. Your resume should reflect experience with claims and compliance. The entire GFE, TRID, and HUD closures from start to end are required. In-depth familiarity and skills with SoftPro is required.

Entry-Level Real Estate Paralegal

The responsibilities for this role include drafting and organizing transactional papers, as well as closing transactions. Will assist with the organization of checklists, including arranging closing documentation and conducting due diligence, as well as assisting in the organization of checklists. Must have 1+ years of real estate experience and a Bachelor’s Degree to qualify for this position.

Commercial Real Estate Paralegal

The position will be in charge of the commercial real estate department. Will be responsible for filing, obtaining, and/or preparing a variety of papers, certificates, statements, amendments, and forms; as well as setting up limited liability companies and other organizations. Conducting UCC searches as well as various examinations. From the letter of intent to the closing binders, you’ll be filling out and tracking closing checklists and transactional documentation.

Acquiring and recording Registry of Deeds records; assisting with various lease papers; reviewing due diligence documents. Obtaining papers from a variety of government agencies. Required is a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies. Must have 5 or more years of commercial real estate expertise.

Knowledge and fluent skills with Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, or Dynamics 365 is a must.

Real Estate Paralegal / Closer

Prior commercial and residential real estate transactions involving the following areas are required: preparing title insurance searches, commitments, and policies; drafting legal and other documents; organizing and synchronizing closings; trust account settlement; and file management.

Real estate paralegal skills, education, and qualifications

To work as a real estate paralegal, you must first acquire a degree in paralegal studies or a similar subject. This typically takes two to four years and includes classes in legal research and writing, real estate law, and civil litigation. You may also be required to complete an internship or apprenticeship with a real estate law practice.

Understanding the Real Estate Paralegal’s average salary

The real estate paralegal salary range can vary depending on the state you work in and your level of experience. However, the average salary for a real estate paralegal is around $75,000 per year. The highest paid paralegals are those who have a lot of experience in the field and work in large law firms. They may earn salaries of $100,000 or more per year.

What factors contribute to a high-paid salary

In order to become a high-paid paralegal, you will need to complete a degree in paralegal studies or a related field, and you will need to be licensed by the state in which you work. You will also need to have several years of experience in the real estate industry.

How does an employer obtain market data that matches their own firm’s size and location?

Knowing how to properly pay a paralegal in your local market requires accurate market data based on comparable company metrics. At SalaryCube, we provide average salary, bonus pay, and total compensation data of comparable firms to yours with our Real Estate Salary Survey.

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Real Estate Paralegal jobs tend to follow a similar career path

Some people start out as legal assistants or secretaries and then move into a real estate paralegal role. Others may have a degree in real estate or business administration, which will give them the skills they need for this career. No matter which path they choose, it is important for them to have a strong understanding of the real estate transaction process and the law.

How do Real Estate Paralegal jobs differ according to employment setting?

The real estate paralegal’s duties can vary depending on the employment setting. In a corporate real estate setting, they may be responsible for reviewing and negotiating contracts, preparing closing documents, and managing the real estate portfolio. Whereas, in a law firm setting, the real estate paralegal may be responsible for legal research, drafting pleadings and discovery, and assisting with trial preparation.

What is the job outlook for real estate paralegals?

The job outlook for real estate paralegals is positive, with employment projected to grow by 11% from 2016-2026. This growth is due in part to the increasing popularity of real estate investments and the rise of real estate law firms. As more and more real estate transactions take place, the need for real estate paralegals will continue to grow.

Where is the highest demand for paralegals?

The real estate industry is one of the most popular industries for paralegals. Because real estate law is constantly evolving, there is a high demand for skilled and knowledgeable real estate paralegals. The states with the highest demand for real estate paralegals are California, Texas, and Florida.

Sample Job Post Template

Job Title

Real Estate Paralegal

Job Description

We are searching for a detail-oriented real estate paralegal to assist one of our attorneys. You’ll be handling real estate documents and contracts, as well as purchasing, offers evaluation, and communication with landlords and property managers.

To be a successful real estate paralegal, you must have significant expertise in real estate processes and previous experience in a comparable position. A great paralegal adds to the speed with which real estate transactions are completed.

Real Estate Paralegal Responsibilities:

  • Drafting contracts, lease agreements, and closing papers.
  • Reviewing finance choices, lending criteria, title affidavits, and bankruptcy claims.
  • Manage the process of communicating with property owners, title companies, landlords, customers, and attorneys.
  • Organizing and researching pertinent documents.
  • Studying title papers, lease agreements, and legal descriptions of properties.
  • Documenting procedures as well as keeping physical files and electronic records.
  • Responding to client legal inquiries and escalating critical issues.
  • Keeping clients up-to-date on the status of their real estate applications.
  • Promptly submit accurate legal documents

Real Estate Paralegal Requirements:

  • Requires a two-year associate’s degree in paralegal studies, or a similar program. A certificate in real estate paralegal with a concentration in post-bachelor’s degree is preferred. Experience working as an estate lawyer is desirable.
  • Expertise with real estate documents, contracts, applications, and submissions is a must. competency with legal project management software such as Amberlo and Accelo is a plus.
  • Excellent time management, multitasking abilities
  • Collaborating and communicating effectively. An ability to work in a fast-paced atmosphere with attention to detail.

The sample job title for Real Estate Paralegal jobs:

  • Real Estate Paralegal
  • Senior Real Estate Paralegal

Final Thoughts

The real estate paralegal is in a critical position in the real estate industry. They are responsible for handling contracts and closing papers, as well as communicating with landlords and property managers. The job outlook for real estate paralegals is positive, with employment projected to grow by 11% from 2016 to 2026. The states with the highest demand for real estate paralegals are California, Texas, and Florida. To be a successful real estate paralegal, you must have significant expertise in real estate processes and previous experience in a comparable position.

The salary range for real estate paralegals varies depending on experience and location. However, the average salary for real estate paralegals is $75,000. Real estate paralegals with more experience can expect to make a higher salary.