Pharmacy Technician Salary in North Carolina (May 2024)

by | Published on May 6, 2024 | Salaries

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Pharmacy technicians in North Carolina play an indispensable role in healthcare, supporting pharmacists to provide medications and care efficiently. This article offers an insightful exploration into their salary trends, educational pathways, and career growth opportunities across the state, providing essential data for aspiring pharmacy technicians and employers alike.

Article Highlights

  • Gain insight into the average pharmacy technician salary across North Carolina.
  • Discover how experience, location, and workplace affect salary variations.
  • Learn about the benefits of becoming a certified pharmacy technician and the top employers in the region.

Average Salary

Below are the charts representing the average Pharmacy Technician salary in North Carolina with regard to base pay, bonus pay, and total compensation. For more details, you can refer to the national average salary for this job title.

Base Pay

The base salary for pharmacy technicians in North Carolina ranges significantly based on various factors such as geographic location, type of employer, and level of experience. The current average base salary in the state stands at approximately $35,897.96, demonstrating competitive earning potential in this field within the healthcare sector.

Pharmacy Technician Base Pay Chart

Bonus Pay

Bonuses can fluctuate based on individual performance, company profitability, and other contributing factors. The average bonus received by pharmacy technicians in North Carolina is around $516.54, enhancing their total income and providing additional financial incentives.

Pharmacy Technician Bonus Pay Chart

Total Pay

Total compensation for pharmacy technicians, combining base pay and bonuses, averages at approximately $36,414.50. This total pay package signifies a robust compensation structure that can grow as technicians gain more expertise, certifications, or move to high-demand areas.

Pharmacy Technician Total Pay Chart

Geographical Salary Variations

The salary of a pharmacy technician in North Carolina can vary significantly from one city to another. For example, urban areas such as Raleigh and Charlotte generally offer higher salaries compared to rural areas due to the higher cost of living and greater concentration of healthcare facilities. This geographical variation aligns with the broader economic factors influencing wages across different regions.

  • Raleigh – Higher concentration of hospitals and specialty pharmacies offers greater salary potential.
  • Charlotte – Large population and numerous retail pharmacies increase job opportunities and competitive salaries.
  • Rural Areas – While the cost of living is lower, salaries in these areas tend to be more modest.

Educational Impact on Salaries

Education plays a critical role in the salary structure of pharmacy technicians. Pursuing higher education and obtaining certifications like the Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) can elevate a technician’s prospects and potential earnings significantly.

  • High School Diploma – Entry-level requirement that provides fundamental skills for initial positions.
  • Certified Pharmacy Technician Program – Offers specialized knowledge and skills, leading to better job opportunities and higher salaries.

Top Employers and Their Pay Structures

Several leading healthcare systems and pharmacies are considered top employers for pharmacy technicians in North Carolina, each with their pay scales and structures.

  • Duke University Health System – Known for offering comprehensive benefits and competitive salaries.
  • CVS Health – Provides extensive training programs that can lead to promotions and salary increases.

FAQs for Compensation Professionals

What are effective strategies for structuring compensation packages for pharmacy technicians?

To create attractive compensation packages, professionals should consider including competitive base salaries, performance-based bonuses, and opportunities for professional development to retain and engage pharmacy technicians effectively.

How does certification impact the salary of a pharmacy technician in North Carolina?

Certifications significantly boost a pharmacy technician’s salary in North Carolina. Certified pharmacy technicians often earn higher wages due to their demonstrated expertise and the higher trust and responsibilities bestowed upon them by employers.


The role of a pharmacy technician in North Carolina is both challenging and rewarding, with a salary structure that reflects the critical nature of their responsibilities in healthcare. With opportunities for training and advancement particularly pronounced in urban regions, the career outlook for pharmacy technicians in North Carolina continues to be promising. By pursuing certifications and availing themselves of continuous learning, pharmacy technicians in North Carolina can look forward to successful and lucrative careers.