Pharmacy Technician Salary in Ohio (May 2024)

by | Published on May 6, 2024 | Salaries

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Welcome to our in-depth exploration of the salary landscape for pharmacy technicians in Ohio as of May 2024. This guide is packed with detailed insights on how salaries vary by factors such as geographic location, experience, and workplace within the state. Whether you’re a current or aspiring pharmacy technician, understanding these dynamics can help you navigate your career path with better financial expectations and opportunities.

Article Highlights

  • Explore the average salaries for pharmacy technicians across different cities in Ohio.
  • Understand how experience and education impact earning potential.
  • Identify which Ohio employers offer the most competitive pay.
  • Examine the additional benefits and bonuses that supplement base salaries.

Average Salary

Base Pay

The average base salary for pharmacy technicians in Ohio is a commendable $35,709 annually. These figures spread across a range from $26,600 to $44,300, allowing room for variances based on a multitude of influencing factors.

Pharmacy Technician Ohio Base Salary Chart

Bonus Pay

On top of their regular earnings, many pharmacy technicians in Ohio receive bonuses, averaging around $516. These bonuses can vary from $100 to a significant $1,000, reflecting the varied policies of different employers.

Pharmacy Technician Ohio Bonus Pay Chart

Total Pay

When combining base salary and potential bonus payments, the total pay packet averages around $36,225. However, this total compensation can range from $26,700 to $45,300 annually, depending on specific job roles and employers.

Pharmacy Technician Ohio Total Pay Chart

Below are the charts representing the average Pharmacy Technician salary in Ohio with regard to base pay, bonus pay, and total compensation. For more details, you can refer to the national average salary for this job title.

Understanding the Role of a Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician in Ohio plays a crucial role in supporting pharmacists with medication management and customer transactions. Their responsibilities are pivotal in maintaining the smooth operation of pharmacies.

Key Responsibilities

  • Assisting with prescription preparation and dispensing.
  • Managing inventory of medication and pharmacy supplies.
  • Ensuring compliance with health regulations and maintaining patient confidentiality.

Work Environments

Ohio pharmacy technicians work in various setups, including retail pharmacies, hospitals, and specialized drugstores, each offering different experiences and salary scales.

Salaries Based on Experience Levels

Experience significantly shapes earnings in the pharmacy technician career, with entry-level roles typically observing lower wages. Mid-career and senior technicians enjoy greater salaries due to their accumulated knowledge and expertise.

Entry-Level Technicians

Starting their career in Ohio, entry-level pharmacy technicians might start with salaries closer to the base range’s lower end but have significant upward mobility.

Mid-Career and Senior Technicians

With experience, pharmacy technicians often see an increase in responsibilities and a corresponding rise in their compensation, pushing their earnings toward the higher end of the salary spectrum.

Geographic Salary Variations Across Major Ohio Cities

Salaries for pharmacy technicians can vary significantly across Ohio. Larger cities generally offer higher salaries due to the increased cost of living and higher demands of the job market.

Top Paying Cities

  • Columbus and Cleveland are often among the top paying cities in Ohio for pharmacy technicians.
  • More suburban and rural areas may offer lower salaries but can come with reduced living costs.

Comparison by City

A detailed look at cities like Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, and Akron reveals the diverse economic landscapes that directly influence what pharmacy technicians earn across the state.


The role of a pharmacy technician in Ohio is not only dynamic and essential but also offers a variety of pathways to achieve both professional and financial growth. Armed with these insights into the salary variations by city, experience, and workplace, pharmacy technicians in Ohio can better navigate their career trajectories toward success.

FAQs for Compensation Professionals

What opportunities exist for pharmacy technicians to increase their earning potential?

Pharmacy technicians can enhance their earning potential by pursuing additional certifications, seeking specialization areas, and gaining experience in various pharmacy environments.

How does job location within Ohio impact a pharmacy technician’s salary?

Job location has a significant impact, with major cities typically offering higher salaries due to larger population densities and increased living costs, contrasted with more rural areas.

What are potential career paths for a pharmacy technician?

Starting from an entry-level technician, career paths can lead to managerial roles or specializations like chemotherapy and nuclear pharmacy, which offer higher salaries and greater responsibilities.

For every pharmacy technician in Ohio, or those considering this career, staying informed about salary trends and industry developments is crucial in navigating the landscape of opportunities available for professional and salary advancement.