Pharmacy Technician Salary in Virginia (May 2024)

by | Published on May 6, 2024 | Salaries

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Embark on an informative journey exploring the career and salary landscape for pharmacy technicians in Virginia. This role crucial to the healthcare industry ensures that patients receive accurate medication promptly. Here, we delve deep into aspects such as salary variances across different regions and the impacts of education and experience on earnings, providing a comprehensive view of this profession.

Article Highlights

  • Detailed analysis of the average salary and compensation components for pharmacy technicians in Virginia.
  • Insights into how location, experience, and education influence earning potential.
  • A look at the demand for pharmacy technicians across various cities in Virginia and future job prospects.

Average Salary

Base Pay

The average base salary for pharmacy technicians in Virginia stands at $38,450.56, while the median salary is $36,800. The salary range spans from $31,010.2 to $45,220.3, showcasing varying earning potentials across different cities and settings within the state.

Pharmacy Technician Base Salary Chart

Bonus Pay

Bonus compensations average at $511.22 with a median of $500. These bonuses can significantly supplement income, ranging from $100 to $900 based on performance and workplace criteria.

Pharmacy Technician Bonus Salary Chart

Total Pay

When combining base pay and bonuses, the total average salary for pharmacy technicians in Virginia is approximately $38,961.78. This makes pharmacy technician careers not only fulfilling but also financially rewarding.

Pharmacy Technician Total Salary Chart

Below are the charts representing the average pharmacy technician salary in Virginia concerning base pay, bonus pay, and total compensation. For more details, you can refer to the national average salary for this job title.

Diving Deeper: Salary Influences and Variances

Salaries Across Key Virginia Cities

The salary of pharmacy technicians can vary considerably across Virginia. Urban centers like Virginia Beach and Richmond typically offer higher pay due to a higher cost of living and greater demand for healthcare services. Conversely, rural areas may offer slightly lower wages but may come with lower living costs.

Impact of Experience and Education

Experienced pharmacy technicians in Virginia often command higher salaries due to their advanced skills and pivotal roles in pharmacy operations. Further, those who invest in continuing education, such as obtaining certifications in specialized pharmacy fields, enrich their expertise and boost their earning potential significantly.

Comparison by Employer and Industry

Different employers and industries also influence pharmacy technician salaries in Virginia. Those who work in hospital settings and specialized medical centers typically earn more due to the complexity of their tasks compared to those in retail or community pharmacies.

Job Prospects and Career Pathways

The demand for qualified pharmacy technicians in Virginia is robust and expected to grow. Numerous pathways exist for career advancement in this field, ranging from supervisory roles to specialized care areas which offer increased responsibilities and commensurate pay.

Challenging and Rewarding Aspects of the Role

While the position of a pharmacy technician is undeniably demanding, involving meticulous attention to detail and excellent customer service skills, it remains a highly satisfying job that contributes directly to patient care and wellness.


The role of a pharmacy technician in Virginia encompasses a variety of challenges and rewards, complemented by a competitive salary and growth opportunities. As healthcare continues to adapt and expand, the need for skilled technicians looks set to rise, making this a desirable career path.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the essential qualifications required to become a pharmacy technician in Virginia?

To become a pharmacy technician in Virginia, one typically requires a high school diploma followed by post-secondary training which may include a specialized certification. Completing these educational steps is crucial for entering this health-focused career.

How can a pharmacy technician advance their career in Virginia?

Pharmacy technicians can advance their careers by specializing in specific areas of pharmacy, engaging in continuous professional development, and potentially moving into management roles which offer broader responsibilities and higher compensation.

What is the role of customer service in a pharmacy technician’s job?

Customer service is integral to a pharmacy technician’s job as it involves direct interaction with patients, addressing their concerns, and ensuring their satisfaction with the pharmacy services. Excellent customer service helps build trust and encourages a positive community reputation.