Methods and Best Practices

The salary data sets we produce represent salaries sourced from HR & compensation professionals by way of our salary data collection and multilayered data intake process through direct client, payroll, and new hire wages. Our goal is to provide you with the best market data for salary benchmarking.

Our proprietary technology takes a modern approach to salary benchmarking data by integrating employer salary data, AI validation, and data science techniques to give you the most competitive salaries which can be used for new hires, bonus pay, and salary increases.

All data provided to us goes through a rigorous process of data validation, verification, and error checking. Each data set is thoroughly reviewed by HR & compensation professionals to guarantee data accuracy.

SalaryCube Complete Salary Benchmarking
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Security and Data Confidentiality

We maintain the highest standards concerning data security, data confidentiality, storage, and reporting. We follow industry best practices to protect the data at rest and the data in transit. A firms’s data is never revealed or shared with another company, organization, or outside third-party.

Our reports help you attract and retain the best talent

See what the market pays. Use our data to establish fair pay for your employees. With SalaryCube’s easy‑to‑use salary reports, you can slice and dice the data sets by industry, state, annual revenue, and more.

Generate unlimited custom reports using our modern and streamlined salary tools.

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