Video Game industry salary benchmarking data

The Video Game Developer Salary Survey provides you with competitive market pay data on the jobs within all types of PC, console, mobile, AR, VR and handheld games. Keep your employee’s salaries competitive within the video game industry.

Video Game Salaries
Video Game Salary Survey

Establish fair and competitive salaries for your game industry talent

  • View the market pay data by job title, job type, geography, job level, revenue size, employee headcount, and more.
  • Provides the highest quality game developer salaries on over 200 key positions related to the video game industry.
  • Average salary, median salary, and percentile data for Base Salary, Bonuses, Long Term and Short Term Incentives, Total Compensation, and Total Targeted Compensation.
  • Positions from game designers, audio/video, software programming, game developers, and every position in between in the game industry is covered.
  • Easy participation using our simple and user-friendly tools.

Data Confidentiality

Only the participating companies in the games industry survey can get access to the results. Additionally, we treat each company’s data submissions in the strictest confidence and take our responsibility seriously regarding the security and integrity of the data provided to us. Company-identifiable survey data is not to be released.

The information we collect will remain confidential and will not be shared with any third party or used for purposes other than the production of the games industry job reports.

Salary Survey Security

How it works

Step 1

Register to participate and get access to our pay data submissions tool. Only participants can get access to the results.

Step 2

Provide your company’s data by matching your job title to our SalaryCube job title using our job description helper. 

Step 3

Download reports. Get access to our games industry job reporting system and generate as many custom video game industry job reports as you like.

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Accurately price the jobs that game developers depend on

Powerful reporting combined with a user-friendly interface allows for complete analysis of every job and segment. Easily adheres to all industry specific filters allowing you to slice and dice the results any way you want. Filter the jobs by job title, metro, state, company size, and more.

Includes all of the statistics you need for salary benchmarking in one powerful salary report. Employee Weighted Averages, Company Weighted Averages, Median Values and Percentiles. Reports display the jobs by job titles, geography, video game type, custom company peer groups, revenue, company size, and more.


Salary Survey

Do you need to know how to price game developer salaries

The Video Game Developers Survey is used by HR & Compensation professionals to help them establish fair compensation for the talent within their company, as well the information they need to accurately price new hires.

These results can be sliced and diced using our simple compensation reporting tool to create custom reports based on gaming industry type, geography, company peer groups, revenue, headcounts, and more. View the results by entry level positions, intermediate positions, managerial jobs, senior level and executive level jobs.

Why SalaryCube?

We help ensure that companies who create games remain competitive concerning compensation. Finding salary information can be hard, and that is why we do what we do. A game designer in California is not paid the same as a game designer in Wyoming, and this is where SalaryCube can help. Your salary range should be consistent with what the market pays in your area.

Our Game Developer Salary Survey allows you to benchmark intelligently using the latest market data provided by your peers. A wage survey can help you easily compare the wages of your employees to those of your competitors. Employers in the game developer industry know that payroll is one of their highest costs, so it’s important to make sure you’re paying your employees the right amount.

If you’re paying too much, you’re incurring unnecessary costs, but if you’re paying too little, you’ll likely lose talented employees. SalaryCube can help you determine the appropriate salaries for a given job within a given geography, industry, company size, etc. This information benefits you when setting salary budgets, making hiring decisions, promotions, bonuses, and salary adjustments.

Real Estate Salary Survey Participation

Participation is a Breeze!

Watch our short tutorial to see just how easy it is to participate. We’ve streamlined the process, and taken the complexity out of participation so you can spend more time on the items that matter.

Once you participate, you’ll see how your company compares to the competition. You’ll gain the advantage of knowing how to accurately price new hires or benchmark your existing employees wages with your competitors in the game development industry. Over 200 positions from software programming, game designers, digital art producers, game developers, and everything in between is covered. If the position exists in the game industry, we report on it.

What you get

Highest Quality Salary Data

The pay information we collect is employer-provided and submitted by HR & Comp professionals. We also adhere to the highest standards concerning salary data collection and reporting.


Custom Reports

Our salary reporting tool was designed with ease of use in mind. The user-friendly interface allows you to apply the filters you need quickly slice and dice the job pay data.