Real-time salary benchmarking data by location, industry, revenue and more

Experience the simplicity of next-gen salary benchmarking. Easily create unlimited reports, with the ability to customize the results so you can compare “apples-to-apples” between your company and the competition. Salary data can be downloaded as a straightforward spreadsheet for easy analysis.

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Simplicity at its best

Ditch the complexity. Our platform is designed with user-friendliness in mind, making salary benchmarking a breeze. Dive into the freshest data by industry, location, and revenue size without getting lost in the details. Download the results into a straightforward spreadsheeet.


What you get at SalaryCube

Data Quality

Reliable salary data which can be used for new hires, bonus pay, and salary increases.


We’ve replaced traditional salary surveys, and developed an easy-to-use platform for modern salary benchmarking.

Fresh Data

Unlimited custom reporting provides the salary benchmarking data you need.

Data Methodology

We utilize the highest standards in wage data collection, verification, and reporting.

Salary Reports

Revolutionize your salary benchmarking with real-time, simplified, AI-powered precision

Why stick to traditional methods when you can have the future at your fingertips? Our proprietary AI and Machine Learning platform not only replaces old-fashioned salary surveys but offers sharper, more accurate insights. Discover the power of our unique AI-based job technology.

The freshest salary data – no surveys required

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Why SalaryCube?

Stay ahead of the curve with a continuously updated database. Because in the world of business, fresh data means fresh strategies. Craft unlimited reports tailored to your needs. Compare your company’s compensation directly with the competition in an “apples-to-apples” fashion. Plus, all our data can be downloadable in a straightforward spreadsheet format, ready for your analysis.

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