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The future of comprehensive, accurate, and effortless salary data is here. Dive into a world where benchmarking is simplified. Instantly access up-to-date market pay data. This ultimate data set offers total salary benchmarking data from over 6,000 companies across all industries in the United States. This is a a one-stop shop for finding up to date information about salaries. Create unlimited custom reports with the option to download results in a straightforward spreadsheet.

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Revolutionize your salary benchmarking with SalaryCube Complete

SalaryCube provides companies with the most comprehensive and up-to-date salary data available. Our survey tools allow users to generate custom reports that provide detailed insights into salary information for a variety of industries, states, metropolitan areas, company peer groups, and company size by annual revenue or total headcount.

Facing challenges with outdated and complex salary data?

Bid farewell to tedious processes and embrace a solution tailored for the modern HR professional. With our cutting-edge survey tools, generate limitless custom reports that feature salary data statistics including median pay, employee weighted average salary, company weighted average salary, and percentiles. Unlock the power of data with our simple yet powerful platform.

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Why SalaryCube Complete Stands Out


Simplify your salary benchmarking with our user-friendly interface.

Robust Data

Trust in our comprehensive data from over 6,000 companies across all US industries. Compare apples-to-apples.

AI Technology

Harness the power of our proprietary AI job technology for unmatched accuracy and powerful tools.


We’ve built the most user-friendly reporting around

Our salary benchmarking tool puts powerful reporting at your fingertips. Craft unlimited reports tailored to your needs. Compare your company’s compensation directly with the competition in an “apples-to-apples” fashion. Plus, all our data is downloadable in a straightforward spreadsheet format, ready for your analysis.

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The benefits of SalaryCube

We gather employee data from various cross-industry organizations, scrub the compensation data, and produce results in the statistical form of average pay, median pay, and multiple percentiles of pay. These results can be sliced and diced using our compensation tool to create custom reports based on job function, industry, geography, company peer groups, revenue, headcounts, and more.

Most employers have seen compensation rise over the last few years, and the data you get will help you make informed, data-driven decisions when it comes to paying your employees correctly.

Why should I choose SalaryCube?

SalaryCube will help ensure that your organization remains competitive and is not overpaying or underpaying your employees. This is extremely beneficial when it comes to new hires and salary increases for existing employees. Easily compare your employee’s wages with that of the current labor market.

One of the highest costs for an employer is payroll. If that employer pays its employees higher wages than what the market dictates, it is potentially incurring unnecessary expenses. On the converse, if an employer is paying too little, then the likelihood of retaining professionals an organization depends on declines.


What you get with SalaryCube

You get trusted pay data

Our data collection process happens year-round, meaning you’re always getting the freshest market pay data. All data submitted to us goes through a rigorous process of data validation, verification, and error checking. Each data submission is thoroughly reviewed by HR & Compensation professionals to guarantee data accuracy. We also adhere to the highest standards concerning pay data collection and reporting.


The best market pricing tool

Our salary data reporting tool was designed with ease of use in mind. The user-friendly interface allows you to drill down by regional area, state, metropolitan area, industry, company peer group, and much more. Hassle-free and always up-to-date. Ask us for a demo at any time.